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"Founded in 1825, Van Kempen Jewelry is conceptualized and crafted from over 30,000 master molds from the historical Van Kempen archives produced exclusively in the Netherlands."

Late Victorian (1870 – 1890)

Articles of Jewellery made during the reign of Queen Victoria. During the early years of the reign, some Jewellery was made in Gothic and Renaissance styles: The 19th century saw a revival of interest in Archaeological jewellery, influenced by the excavations at Pompeii and the high-quality reproductions made by the Castellans. Gradually large pieces of Jewellery were supplanted in the 1880-90’s by smaller articles and the productions of inexpensive silver Jewellery.

Art Nouveau (1880 – 1910)

Centered in Western Europe, this decorative arts movement began as an opposition to the historical emphasis in mid-19th century art. The movement was established as the first new decorative style of the 20th century at the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris. The movement had basis in Romanticism, Symbolism, and the British Arts and Crafts movement. With its origin in London, the movement spread throughout Europe and the United States and came to be called Jugendstil in Germany, Sezessionstil in Austria, and Modernismo in Spain.
The pieces contains small figures such as cupids, fairies and floral and fauna motifs. The majority of the Art Nouveau is sandblasted.

Art Deco (1920 – 1935)

A decorative style that originated in France in the 1920’s and 1930’s in protest against the Art Nouveau Style and later art movements. It is also called art moderne, Art Deco was characterized by linear decorative designs that were reminiscent of modern technology. It emphasized long, thin forms, curved surfaces and geometric patterns in order to symbolize the expanse of the machine age. It emphasises abstraction, distortion, and simplification by use of geometric shapes and intense colours.
The jewellery pieces representing this period often contain black, resin based enamel and stones such as Swarovski crystal.

  “True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.”


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